Thursday, May 7, 2009


quick quick post from Springdale. No photos, no time.

about halfway done with the trip and in Zion NP. Ran out of food, but luckily there is free shuttle service to the town of Springdale, 1 mile away, which is hiking distance really. Zion is so much more impressive than I would have guessed. I've seen Bryce too. and more stuff. And hiked. Time to get out of here doing trip logistics and get some overpriced food and hike the infamous Angel's Landing Trail. All of the slots are too full with water, so no slot canyons for me on this trip.

Photos and a legit writeup maybe tomorrow if I make it out of Zion and to the town of Kanab to resupply for the next remote remote section of the trip. Details to follow...

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  1. Come on man . . . no posts in 2 weeks . . . what's the news?