Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 3

There was surpisingly a climb out of Hotchkiss. A climb, no shoulder, AND lots of traffic. Not a fun combination by any means. After about 6 miles of stressing about the traffic, the number of cars flying by mellowed out, I passed a desert "pass", and I was into badlands and no grass. Incredible out here. There was quite a bit of road work going on, and as I was flying downhill, I heard one of the ladies holding the 'slow' flag radio ahead and tell another construction worker that "a bicyclist is coming". When I got to the next woman holding a flag she told me that she was expecting me. Down down down to Delta, where the desert ends and the green again begins.

Last night was a really incredible night, with one of the most memorable pieces of scenery I've seen in a while. Really quiet setting around the lake, where I was the only soul (human, that is). To get to this Sweitzer State Park, I had to climb a few hundred feet out of town, and it left me on an incredible plateau. To the south I could see the San Juans, the east the West Elks, the north was snowy Grand Mesa, and west was canyonlands as far as the eye could see. A good night indeed...

This morning the first order of business once I got into town was a single shot of espresso. Oh yes. Then it was time to wander around main street in the 67 degree heat. I've driven thru Delta a few times to get out to Grand Junction, but have never gotten out of the car to feel it out. Turns out the town is pretty cool: bronze statues everywhere, nice sepia-toned murals, lots of benches to enjoy the sun, etc.
Today will be mellow, about 20 miles to camp in the BLM Badlands just outside of Grand Junction. Supposed to snow, so who knows what I'll get out there. Lovin' it...

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