Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Vicious wind-driven snow cut my bike ride short. Really short. 2 miles short. Luckily I had those bread bags in my wedge bag to keep my hands warm...having forgotten my gloves and all.

Back at the apartment I got to nerdy indoor gear testing.

After frustratingly deciding to stick with my tent instead of tarp for various reasons (its 3x the weight!!!), I decided I need to find a way to store the thing. First thing was to get the poles ( poles with tarp) into the seat post. nope...won't fit. well, I'll have to improvise a way to secure it to the outside of my frame. If I could have had it hidden inside the frame it would have been perfect. It wasn't meant to be.

One of the reasons I want to take the tent is so that I can hide my bike and gear in it if I decide to go for a hike. In order to do that, the bike would have to fit inside wouldn't it?

oh yea! perfect fit in a solo tent.

More nerdy gear discussion in an upcoming post...
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