Monday, March 30, 2009


With a sore foot, bad weather, and bad roads, I made the decision to spend the day indoors. This wasn't a decision that I take kindly to these days, and sort of regret not putting on some extra layers of clothing and pushing through the tough weather. Trying to be conservative and give my foot plenty of time to heal left running out of the question. The recent snow/rain/freezing temps have left ice on the roads. The current snowstorm and brutal winds left visibility bad, making riding my bike seem even less appealing. My compromise was going to be nordic skiing for the first time since the cast was placed on my wrist, some 5 weeks ago. Temps seemed relatively mild at my apt, ignoring the reading of 9 degrees posted on the internet. Sure there were gusts of wind that had the snow blowing upwards, but then it looked calm...from my window at least. After driving down to town at the bottom of the valley, things changed. The wind was constantly around 20 degrees. It was somewhere around 10 degrees like NOAA said, and pelting me with wet snow. After walking around town a bit to run some errands, I decided I didn't want to ski. It wouldn't be very fun, and I wasn't wearing enough clothing to deal with it. Read a Krakauer article on canyoneering and ice climbing, checked out some books on bike touring across the globe, and returned to my calm, warm apartment.

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