Sunday, March 15, 2009


As a way to get some fresh air and loosen some tight, tight leg muscles, I went for a short run at dusk:

3 miles sounded like a good distance. Ever so slightly uphill to the Snodgrass Trailhead, then back down to the apt. Another good reason for the run was to try out my new hydration system. I was obviously frustrated with my previously beloved UD Wasp Hydration Vest at Salida yesterday, so decided to try out a handheld system which everyone else seemed to like. I typically don't like running with things in my hands, but I think I can like the strap setup with a bottle. Barely have to even grip the thing. Instead, the only annoyance is the sound of sloshing water, which eventually blurs into the sound of shoes hitting earth and occassional labored breathing.

So out the door I went with new $16 bottle setup and my hydration vest on for the sole purpose of carrying my lil point and shoot. I had watched the sunset from my bedroom window while on the phone, and new that the clouds would still be hanging around for fun until it got dark and I couldn't see them anymore.

Ran up to the trailhead, feeling fine. Muscles had stopped seeming tight. Bones all felt fine. I pulled the earbuds out of my ears and was amazed at how quiet it was. This is why I love living in Crested Butte. Today was the first day in 2 weeks where I've really appreciated this town. I was in Anchorage for a while, then 1 day with a mind clouded by pre-race jitters, then a race, and now this. Not a car around. Just a few birds, but really only the thoughts in my mind.

Walked for a bit instead of running. Tonight wasn't really training and I wanted to really spend as much time as I could on my way back. Scarp's Ridge was temping me for the umpteenth time to traverse it when the snow melts this summer. My mind wandered to what it will be like when all of the ground is dry and I can put together all sorts of trail runs through the wilderness areas surrounding this place. Inspiring.

Time to start getting serious about the Fruita 50 tomorrow. Until then I'll enjoy the 3 mile bike ride on my newly repaired bike down into town at sunrise tomorrow morning.
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  1. I'm definitely a fan of the hand held versus carrying something on my back. I haven't tried many pack-type systems, but those that I have tried have caused all kinds of chaffe and lower-back issues.

    I always thought that bottles would be too annoying to carry, but with the strap you barely notice them. Also, they are 100% quicker to fill at aid stations during races. The only down side is the lack of storage. I am working on rigging my straps to allow for more capacity.

    If speed is your main concern during a race, especially shorter races, then I would definitely recommend getting used to carrying a bottle, plus it plays better with the whole minimalist nature of the sport, in my opinion.