Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm Back...kind of

Finally, I walked around my apartment before work and realized that my foot no longer hurt. Time to run.

Ran about a mile on pavement, then was onto dirt. DRY dirt. I've done this run up Trapper's Way since January, and this is the first time that my shoes didn't touch snow. Oh I'm loving this season...

Who knew that taking 6 days off from running would make you out of shape?? Those first 3 miles were a bit tough, huffing and puffing. It amazed me that a week earlier I had run a marathon with relative ease. I was starting to wonder if I'd be able to make it the 4 miles and 1,200 ft to the top, then the 4 miles back into town. After that first half hour of running, I was into a groove and the rest of the run would be easy.

Started flying downhill. Downhills on dry ground are fun. I wonder how much longer i will continue to be amazed at the beauty of dry land? I was absolutely in love with my first real winter ever, but now I'm oh so ready for all of the snow to melt and summer to come in full swing with wild flowers and leaves on the aspens.

I managed to make my foot starting again. Argh. I still ran the rest of the downhill, but now I'm not sure what I should do. Surely the problem is that I didn't rest long enough, instead jumping at the first chance to run without pain. Maybe I'll do another short run tomorrow, maybe not. I'd like to get at least 50+ mile weeks in before the Fruita race, but really dunno what's gonna happen. Either way I'll be there.

'Till then I'll keep enjoying spring in CB and views like this of Red Lady:
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