Thursday, March 26, 2009


I'm going to be totally worthless in Fruita in oh, say, 23 days. Thinking about running 50 miles is absurdly ambitious considering I've only run 11 miles since my marathon 2 weeks ago. Gonna try to squeeze in 10 mi tomorrow to see if the foot has healed yet.

Back before the serious snow hit 2 days ago, I went for a nice bike ride up near Mt Crested Butte to see a part of the valley I hadn't seen before.

nice switchback here:

Rode up Prospect Drive which goes under the Prospect chairlift on the backside of the mountain. I was really wishing my wrist weren't broken to glide down like other people were doing that day.

This side of the mountain was cool, different, and showed of a ridge I hadn't seen before. Always space for discovery in this valley, and all valleys really...

I've adjusted my brakes to perfection. The 500 ft descent was really fun. Luckily I stopped to take a picture, or I probably wouldn't have had time to avoid a patch of ice on the road.
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