Thursday, March 19, 2009


Another highway ride, more PERFECT weather, and an itching for exercice put me going south with the Jack's Cabin Cutoff Rd in mind. Some awesome glare was reflecting off of the snow to the west. Beautiful.

The Road is something like 12 miles from town. In addition to needing the fresh air and exercise, I wanted to finally test out some new cycling shorts that I got a few weeks back. Good stuff and no sore bum!! Got into a nice groove spinning and made it to the cutoff. With 12 miles to go back to town, I decided to leave the additional 10 roundtrip miles for another day when my knees are in better shape. Not sure exactly how far I can make it on the road since it isn't maintained these days:

Turned around, put the headphones in, and got a flat! Rode for a few minutes until I realized that the hideous spoke noise was signifying no air in tire. Damn. Got off the bike and started pushing, hoping to make it the 2 miles to Cement Creek Rd before trying to hitch. Just before I got off to start walking, this tiny roadbiker in yellow passed me with his fancy pants, fast road bike with skinny tires. argh:

I was really enjoying the walking and had even started to consider walking the entire 10 miles back to town when a van driving in the wrong direction asked if I needed a ride. I tried telling him that I'd just get a ride from someone going north instead, but he insisted since he had a ginormous van and friendly disposition. Got in and he told me he owned a business that returned lost luggage as well as being some sort of marketing guru for some oxygen enriched agua. I'd never heard of such a product, so he began to try to sell me what I could only assume was some sort of new-age snake oil.

First I did some stretching to prove how inflexible I was and some strength test, then took 2 swigs of this magical elixer. After waiting maybe a minute, he told me to do the same exercises. I'll be damned if it didn't help me stretch way further than normal when touching my toes and other silly tests. Is he some sort of freaky televangelist trickster to got me?? I didn't buy squat, but was intrigued and a little amazed. hm. is the ticket apparently.

My foot is still screwed up, and I'm really getting antsy about running and preparing for that 50 miler in a month. Maybe tomorrow????
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