Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I've got a new blog, but why? Cactus2Coast was a smashing success, but I needed something broader to announce all of my new random trips and such to an internet audience that doesn't exist. To cure my boredom. For Truant to analyze and make fun of. To keep curing my boredom.

So maybe I'll get adventurous and upload some photos from hikes I've done around Alaska during my current weekish stay. Pics from the upcoming Salida marathon and Fruita Ultramarathon. Then most definitely there will be lots of fun for none when I start uploading stories and photos from my planned Utah loop.

All of this is assuming that I get out of Anchorage. I've been stuck in this sweet city for the past 3 days because I refuse to be a normal consumer and purchase a full-priced ticket. Instead I choose to 'nonrev' and wait on standby lists which are long and on overbooked flights.

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